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My name is Susan Walsh. I am 36 years old and have live with my fiancée and 5 month old daughter, Paige Everlee.

#SmartGirlGoals came to be in 2018 when I was talking with friends and coworkers and realized none of my friends were really saving - or thinking - about retirement. 

My father taught me from a very young age the importance of saving early for retirement. At 19, I had my first 401K and opened my Roth IRA. I bought my first house (on my own) at 24 years old.

But just because I had the knowledge doesn’t mean I did everything correctly. I was still young and stupid at times. Most young women aren’t investing in themselves. My goal with this blog is to change that. 

I do not have a fancy finance degree. I am not a financial advisor. And you don’t have to be one either to plan for your future!

Thank you so much for being part of this community.

You can follow me on Instagram @SuperFunSuzy. 

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